XenForo 1.5.16 NULLED RUS

Изменения 1.5.16 версии:

Automatically replace ReCAPTCHA v1 with ReCAPTCHA v2 (NoCaptcha). ReCAPTCHA v1 will be retired in 2018 and will no longer function.
Use an alternative approach for sitemap XML URLs due to changes in Google that prevented the old query string approach from being indexed as expected.
Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2 in several areas.
Fixes and improved compatibility in the IPB importer.
Adjust the user upgrade expiration delay to only apply to recurring subscriptions and give a larger grace period to handle larger delays from PayPal.
Only trigger the CSS cache for "good" requests to reduce the chance of the cache ballooning.
Limit "cookie login" IP logging to new IPs or an IP that hasn't been seen in 6 hours to reduce the number of unnecessary records.
Limit the number of users matched by the admin quick search to avoid memory issues.
Improved compatibility with mixed TLS modes when using a proxy server to serve untrusted HTTP requests.
When permanently banning a user, automatically move them out of awaiting approval.
Add noindex/nofollow to some pages/links that have little value in search engines.
Use standard username styling in the spam cleaner IP check output.
Ensure hours/minutes inputs display in the proper order in RTL.


Перед установкой русификатора рекомендуется сделать на всякий случай резервную копию базы данных форума.

- Заходим в панель администратора, переходим к вкладке "Appearance".
- Слева в секции "Languages & Phrases" выбираем "Import a Language".
- Выбираем XML-файл "phrases_ru.xml" и импортируем как "Child of language: (No Parent)".

Скачать XenForo NULLED:

У гостей нет доступа к скачиванию файлов с нашего сервера

Русификация для XenForo 1.5.15a:

У гостей нет доступа к скачиванию файлов с нашего сервера

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